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International Certifications
GMP denotes ¡°Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice¡±. A GMP is a guideline that highlight¡¯s
those aspects that are critical to product quality. Each country can issue its own GMP¡¯s.
American Hygienics Coprorations¡¯s current manufacturing practices are compliant with the
US cGMP Guidelines and the EU Council GMPc Guidelines.
The British Retail Consortium defined a Global Standard for Consumer Products which helps
companies comply with major international regulations. To pass a BRC audit a company must:
¡¤ Adopt the HACCP protocol.
¡¤ Proof of an effective quality management system.
¡¤ Effective control of site environment, products, process, personnel
American Hygienics Corporation has passed a BRC audit in product category 1, the category with the toughest audits.
ISO:9001 is an international quality management standard which requires companies to
actively maintain and document a quality system in order to consistently deliver quality
products that meet the consumers needs and demands.
Product & Environmental
Nordic Swan was established in 1989 as a neutral, independent label which provides
consumers a guarantee that the products bearing the Swan logo are a green and
responsible choice.The label is well known in all Scandinavian countries and used
for cosmetics and consumer products.


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