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Global Household Wipes Market to Hit 1.60 billion by 2028

01 Jun 2022

According to a recent report by Data Bridge Market Research, The demand for household wipes will hit an approximate size of USD 1.60 billion by 2028, with a growth rate of 7.20% for the 2021 to 2028 forecast period. Household wipes market report analyses the growth that is increasing due to the growing knowledge of maintaining a safe and hygienic atmosphere in the surrounding.  

To maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the home, household wipes are used to clean the surfaces and household goods. These wipes are tools for house cleaning and other items such as furniture, walls, and others.The growing number of people are more conscious about the rising levels of air pollution, easy availability of the product in various size, colour, shapes according to the requirement of the consumer, rising usages of the wipes to clean glass, wood, and other surface, increasing preferences of the people towards the usages of wipes produced using recyclable material are some of the important as well as vital factors which will likely to accelerate the growth of the household wipes market in the projected time frame of 2021-2028. On the other hand, increasing levels of investment for the development of top quality cleaner, introduction of all-purpose and specialty household wipes along with rising demand for disinfecting wipes which will further contribute by generating immense opportunities that will led to the growth of the household wipes market in the above mentioned projected time frame.

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