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Baby wipes now play an essential role on daily basis due to the convenience and wide range of applications, so ingredients of the wipes have to be safe and mild for babies’ skin and health. Wet wipes from AHC are the must-have for any parenting situation, that is formulated to clean effectively, and help prevent diaper rash, whilst being gentle on the baby's sensitive skin.

AHC manufactures the softest and mildest baby wipes by using a combination of premium quality ultra-soft grade nonwovens with nourishing, moisturizing and sustainable ingredients. Our best recommendations are 99% pure water baby wipes, hypoallergenic baby wipes and plant-based baby wipes, etc.

All baby wipes are packed in convenient formats for premium baby care, they come with large refill packs, tubs, canisters, and we provide custom opinions from custom packaging, contract manufacturing and private label services. Most importantly, Ingredients can be customized to provide the performance you require for your needs such as 100% biodegradable, organically grown bamboo and more



AHC premium baby diapers are specially designed for comfort and having a suction inner layer. Made from carefully selected materials - the soft breathable cloth-like back sheet and stretchy ear secure babies' comfort.

Sourced from the fsc certified farms. AHC premium diapers are the sustainable, long-term solution to modern diapering. The absorbent pulp in diapers is non-Irritating, planted-based for the extra ultra-soft feel.

The category of Baby Wipes:

● 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes

● Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes

● Plant Based Baby Wipes

● Bamboo Baby Wipes   

● Flushable Toddler wipes     

● Baby Pacifier Cleaning Wipes 

● Toy Cleaning Wipes 

● Diapers

 For Client's Customization:

 ● Alcohol Free

 ● Oil Free

 ● Non-irritative and Hypo-allergenic

 ● PH5.0~6.5, gentle on baby's skin

 ● Available for adding ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, other plant essential oils

 Your own formulations are also welcomed at AHC

Why Choose American Hygienics Corporation


Who Are We

Founded in 2001, American Hygienics Corporation now owns 2 FDA and EPA registered facilities and provides a one-stop private label and contract manufacturing service tailored for uses across your organization. Our dedication to quality is why we strive to offer the top grade wipes for every task and application and to source reliable materials.

Our Advantages

Our Class 100K cleanroom workshops and automated production lines produce any customized solutions of wet wipes that meet or exceed international safety standards. Our international teams, microbiology laboratories and more than one thousand formulations can ensure the safety and stability of our products.


Our vision

AHC manufactures a great range of effective wipes for all users, in different materials, categories, formulations, packages and has successful experience in cooperating with over 100 world-leading companies. We believe top-rated products and services are powered by professional production, design, research development and testing. For the past 20 years, the hygiene industry moves forward, so do we. Now Move forward with us, wipe and clean!



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